Ways To Donate

Tools for Giving:
Helping You Build a Stronger Community


How can you give?

The Community Foundation of the Virgin Islands simplifies giving, allows a great degree of flexibility and makes it possible for people and organizations to create a legacy for the future. As you think about how the Foundation might facilitate your charitable giving, we suggest you begin by asking these questions:

  • What are my charitable/community interests?
  • What type of asset do I have to give?
  • What type of involvement do I wish to maintain?

What are some of my options?

  • Outright Gifts – Give cash, stocks, real estate or other assets. We accept a variety of assets
  • Bequests – Designate a portion of an estate
  • Charitable Gift Annuity – Annuity contract pays client for life and charitable fund commences grants upon death
  • Charitable Lead Trust – Trust pays the community foundation a fixed amount for a number of years and then assets transfer to beneficiary
  • Charitable Remainder Trust – Trust pays beneficiary for life and then assets transfer to community foundation
  • Life Estate Contract – Donor transfers home to community foundation and still enjoys use during lifetime
  • Supporting Organizations – Managing gifts and grants with some similarity to a private foundation

Donate to a fund here.

Donate to hurricane relief and renewal efforts here.

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