CFVI Welcomes iggi Back to the VI

The Iggi Project, an initiative founded by VI Holistic Health Consultant, Joan Bennett-Williams, provides Virgin Island children, parents, and educators with the tools to explore and process emotional stresses after traumatic experiences such as a hurricane. The iggi Project, first introduced to the Virgin Islands in 1995 after Hurricane Marilyn impacted the territory, is now funded through CFVI.

The toolkit includes coloring books, the iggi story book, teacher’s manuals and rent guides. The iggi Project was launched at the Pistarkle Theatre camp shortly after the hurricanes. Since then, the iggi team has engaged children, staff an parents through puppet shows and expressive dance at various community centers, family events and schools. If you’re interested in having the iggi project team at your next event or meeting,  or training session for staff/teachers, contact Anna Scarbriel, Ph.D. at

Get your own copy of the iggi Coloring book by downloading the pdf. in the link below!

Iggi Coloring Book


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