CFVI Accepting Nominations for Euan P. McFarlane Award



The Euan P. McFarlane Award was established in 1987 to provide recognition for persons demonstrating initiative, resourcefulness and leadership in promoting conservation and enhancement of the environment in the insular Caribbean, with priority given to the smaller islands of the eastern Caribbean.

Endowment funding for the award was provided by the late Laurance S. Rockefeller, and the program was initially administered by Island Resources Foundation from 1987-2014.  The McFarlane Leadership Award is now managed by the Community Foundation of the Virgin Islands as a part of its program of support to youth, learning, family support and the environment.

Nominees for the McFarlane Award should be persons who have applied themselves to the preservation of the natural or built environment on one or more of the small islands of the Caribbean and whose career or avocation demonstrates an appreciation of and support for the advancement of environmental stewardship and balanced development in the Caribbean.


Any resident of a Caribbean island is eligible for nomination, although priority consideration will be given to residents of the smaller eastern Caribbean islands. Any interested individual or organization familiar with the nominee may make a nomination.  Self-nominations will not be accepted.


Each selected McFarlane Award recipient will receive an unrestricted US$1,000 cash award.


Nominations should consist of a letter application from the nominator, not to exceed three single-spaced typed pages, stating the background, accomplishments, and merits of the person nominated.  The nominator must supply the names, addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses of at least 3 other persons familiar with the nominee’s work and accomplishments, who could be contacted for additional information.  Attachments that support the nomination (e.g., press clippings, testimonials, copies of publications, letters of endorsement, etc.) may accompany the letter but are not required and cannot be returned. Nominations are preferred as e-mails and attachments, e-mailed to <>


Nominations will be reviewed by an Advisory Committee of individuals familiar with the region, and the award will be based on an assessment of how well the nominee meets the following general criteria:

  • Nominee’s role in increasing public awareness about conservation issues.
  • Nominee’s achievements in helping to formulate public policy that balances economic development objectives with sustainable development goals.
  • Nominee’s accomplishments in strengthening public or private sector institutions and organizations concerned with conservation, preservation, or resource management issues.
  • Nominee’s role in developing, promoting, or assisting programs or policies which conserve or protect key elements of the natural or built environment in the Caribbean.
  • Nominee’s potential for future environmental leadership in the insular Caribbean.


Year Recipient Island   Year Recipient Island
1988 Yves Renard St. Lucia   2003 Dr. Brian Cooper Antigua
1989 Mervin Williams St. Lucia   2004 Dr. Joth Singh Barbados
1990 Ronald Charles

Arlington James

Dominica   2005 Diana McCaulay Jamaica
1991 Alissandra Cummins Barbados   2006 Raymond Walker British Virgin Islands
1992-93 Kevel C. Lindsay Antigua   2007 Dr. I. Earle A. Kirby St. Vincent
1994-95 Jalaludin Ahmad Khan Trinidad   2008-09 Rueben J. Thompson Sint Maarten
1996-97 Reginald Murphy

Maurice Widdowson


St. Kitts

  2010 Albert Hugh “Errol” Harris Dominica
1998 Andrew Simpson US Virgin Islands   2011-12 Karim Hodge Anguilla
1999 Ian Lambie Trinidad   2013 Patricia Turpin Tobago
2000 David Robinson Nevis   2014 John Mussington Barbuda
2001 Charles Chavoudiga Guadeloupe   2015 Kester Charles Grenada
2002 Jacqueline and Larry
St. Kitts        

Send Nominations To: 

Euan P. McFarlane Environmental Leadership Award
Community Foundation of the Virgin Islands
Attention:  Dee Baecher-Brown, President
Post Office Box 11790, St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands 00801
Telephone: 340-774-6031      Fax: 340-774-3852

Nominations must be postmarked by,
or emailed or faxed no later than, 15 December 2016


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